Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Epix Soars 50% On Alzheimer's Data

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EPIX Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: EPIX - News), today announced compelling top-line
results from a Phase 2a two-week clinical trial of its novel 5-HT4
agonist, PRX-03140, in patients with Alzheimers
disease. The results show that patients receiving 150 mg of PRX-03140
orally once daily as monotherapy achieved a mean 5.7 point improvement
on the Alzheimers Disease Assessment Scale
cognitive subscale (ADAS-cog) versus a 0.2 point worsening in patients
on placebo (p= 0.005). Patients on a 50 mg dose of PRX-03140 showed a
1.1 point improvement on the ADAS-cog.
After reviewing these data, Serge Gauthier, M.D., Director of the
Alzheimer's Disease Research Unit at McGill University, stated, There
is such an urgent and undeniable need for additional safe and effective
treatments for Alzheimers patients. Findings
like these data are not only encouraging and compelling
they appear to represent a step forward in our ability to understand and
combat the effects of Alzheimers.
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