Monday, February 25, 2008

The Technology Tech Leaders Fear the Most

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You know that cool Web site you found or the device that makes you more productive? Better not bring it to the office: The majority of corporate tech leaders say that these tools don’t belong in the workplace.
That’s according to CIO Magazine, which found that 54% of the 311 tech leaders it surveyed said that technology designed for consumers was inappropriate for corporate use.
Here are the top nine
Voice-over-the-Internet software
Online productivity software. This surprised us, but software like Google Apps and Zoho
Digital cameras
Remote storage
Social-networking Web sites. Ten percent of tech leaders are frightened by sites like MySpace and Facebook.
Instant Messaging. Online chat is a large enough security threat that 11% of tech leaders said it was their biggest fear.
Web-based email accounts. Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail topped the list
Portable storage devices. A runaway winner, devices like USB drives were the biggest fear for 43% of tech leaders.
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