Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gotham Gal shorts AIG, America, and Herself

Gotham Gal isn't happy. In fact, she is down right "pissed". She is mad at Goldman Sachs and AIG. She can't do anything about Goldman, but she can strike back at AIG. Gotham Gal says,
Both Fred and I (Gotham Gal) have policies with AIG. The first thing we are doing when we get back is pulling our policies and putting them somewhere else.
I can understand Gotham Gal being all mad about the bonuses handed out at AIG. By why is she taking it out on us?

Gotham Gal, do you know who the parent company of AIG is? The United States of America. Any idea where our Uncle Sam got the money to buy AIG? Guess who owns AIG Gotham Gal? You and Fred. Well, you and Fred and the rest of us chumps.

Ok, now back to insurance. Did it ever occur to you Gotham Gal that you have your insurance policy with the safest insurance company in the world? Why would you want to take it to some risky old insurance company when you already have the cream of the crop? Your insurance policy couldn't be safer you lucky dog. It is backed by the full faith and credit of, well, all of us.

On a side note Gotham Gal? Do you own any real estate in Manhattan? I hope not. By the time all the people in NYC get done punishing all the bad companies like Goldman and AIG, there won't be anyone left to pick up the slack in the real estate market. If on the other hand you rent, that might work out really well.

Before you know it Gotham Gal, you might be wishing you lived in Philadelphia.

On a side note, I found the link to Gotham Gal over on one of the best blogs on the Internet--A VC. This blog is really worth bookmarking. Right, Fred?
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