Monday, June 21, 2010

The E-Reader Price War: What Will Consumers Do?

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Amazon cut the price of its Kindle e-reader to $189 on Monday, just hours after Barnes & Noble dropped the price of the Nook to $199 and added a Wi-Fi-only model for $149. But are those prices low enough for the devices to differentiate themselves from tablet computers like the iPad?

Below, a few of the current prices for some of the most popular tablet-like devices with e-reading capabilities:

Barnes & Noble Nook with Wi-Fi only: $149
Borders’ Kobo, due in July with no Wi-Fi or 3G: $149
Sony Reader Pocket Edition with no Wi-Fi or 3G: $169
Amazon’s Kindle with 3G: $189
Sony Reader Touch with no Wi-Fi or 3G: $199
Barnes & Noble Nook with 3G: $199
Sony Reader Daily Edition with Wi-Fi and 3G: $349
Amazon’s Kindle DX with 3G: $489
Apple iPad with Wi-Fi only: $499
Apple iPad with 3G: $629

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