Monday, August 22, 2011

The Morning Call (8-22)

By Steve Cook
All American Investor

Monday Morning Chartology

The S&P is in a critical position. If it bounces off the 1101 level and recovers above 1172, the Market will simply have endured a significant test. Breaking 1101
suggests more downside (1041, 1009).

You can clearly see the magnitude of GLD’s extension above its long term up trend.

Here is another technical opinion:

The VIX is high but not rising versus the prior week.


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Steve Cook earned an MBA at Harvard and did post graduate work in economics and financial analysis at New York University. He earned his Chartered Financial Analysts designation in 1973. Steve has 40 years of investment experience including institutional portfolio management at Scudder Stevens and Clark and Bear Stearns. He managed a risk arbitrage hedge fund and an investment banking boutique specializing in funding second stage private companies. Steve now manges Strategic Stock Investments which focuses on wealth building through strategic investments.

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