Tuesday, September 13, 2011

@AllAmerInvest Gold Forward Rate, Freak Out, Crash, Ponzi

Inversion of the gold forward rate curve

The inversion of the gold forward rate curve continued to intensify on Tuesday, with seven out of eight banks that submit quotes to the London Bullion Market Association quoting short-term (one or two month) rates above 12-month rates:

By Bob DeMarco
All American Investor

Here's The Wall Street Journal Article That Has Everyone In Europe Freaked Out This Morning

'We can no longer borrow dollars. U.S. money-market funds are not lending to us anymore," a bank executive for BNP Paribas, who declines to be named, told me last week. "Since we don't have access to dollars anymore, we're creating a market in euros. This is a first. . . . We hope it will work, otherwise the downward spiral will be hell. We will no longer be trusted at all and no one will lend to us anymore."

Get ready for the next crash

Ponzi Schemes for Beginners

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