Monday, October 10, 2011

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China’s local governments dig deeper

So, China’s Golden Week was not as great for property sales as it usually is. Sales were down 32 per cent on the previous year in 20 major cities, Bloomberg tells us. Which has prompted a big fall for some property developers and financials, dragging down the Shanghai Composite and Hang Seng....

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GOLDMAN SACHS: China's Golden Week Signals A Soft Landing

Netflix Backtracks − Abruptly Cancels Plan To Spin Off DVD Business

Apple Has 1,000 Engineers Working On Chips For The Post-PC Era

Volcker’s ‘Delta one’ loophole

Straight Out of Antiquity

Sony Bought Rights To The Steve Jobs Movie

The Mystery Of Steve Jobs' Plateless Car

Foreign insects, diseases got into US

One Hungry Muppet

The news that Sesame Street plans to debut a poverty-stricken Muppet struck me as immensely sad, but also incredibly important.

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