Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Iceland's Katla volcano is getting restless

If Iceland's air-traffic paralyzing volcanic eruption last year seemed catastrophic, just wait for the sequel.

That's what some experts are saying as they nervously watch rumblings beneath a much more powerful Icelandic volcano - Katla - which could spew an ash cloud dwarfing the 2010 eruption that cost airlines $2 billion and drove home how vulnerable modern society is to the whims of nature.

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How JP Morgan Just Made $1.9 Billion By Everyone Betting Against Them

JPMorgan Chase Reports Third-Quarter 2011 Net Income of $4.3 Billion, or $1.02 Per Share, on Revenue1 of $24.4 Billion

Benford's Law and the Decreasing Reliability of Accounting Data"

NBC/WSJ poll: Cain now leads GOP pack

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Fred Wilson Explains Why Most New Angel Investors Are About To Get A Seriously Rude Awakening

October 12, 2011: The Day SMS Began To Die

The U.S. Treasury Budget for September will be released at 2 PM. Expectations are for a deficit of $64.5 billion.

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