Wednesday, November 09, 2011

@AllAmerInvest MF Global You're Doinked, Bernanke Faces Perry, Bonus Bucks, Pony up for Italian Bonds, Roubini warns of catastrophe for Goldman Sachs

MF Global Assets Have Left The Building: How, When, Where

Unlike the shell game, there is no bean under the MF Global dixie cup. The mixed bag of marketable securities taken from customer segregated accounts, used most likely to meet margin calls and satisfy “important” customers closing accounts during the last days, will, in my opinion, never be seen again.

Jon Corzine looks happy
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Bernanke shows Fed's independence with Texas trip
Three months ago, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who is seeking the Republican presidential nod, had sent a veiled threat: Bernanke would be treated "ugly" in Texas if he continued to pursue ever-lower interest rates - a policy that Perry and some other critics say is akin to recklessly printing money.

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CNBC Bonus Bucks Answers for Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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The Italian Margin Hike Heard Round The World
Arguably the Berlusconi news was a positive, but it's clearly being overshadowed by the news that LCH.clearnet has increased the required collateral to trade Italian bonds.

Roubini warns of catastrophe for Goldman Sachs
Through a series of Twitter messages posted to the Web on Monday, Nouriel Roubini the manager of the Roubini Global Economics firm told his followers that Goldman Sachs and other major financial institutions could soon experience a fate similar to MF Global Holdings Ltd, the Wall Street powerhouse that filed for bankruptcy last week following a ratings downgrade.

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