Monday, November 14, 2011

@AllAmerInvest Stock Cheats, Boeing Deal, Buffett Oil to China, Housing Muddle

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Congress Trading Stock on Inside Information? (Video, Transcript)
Steve Kroft reports that members of Congress can legally trade stock based on non-public information from Capitol Hill.

Boeing's (BA) $18 billion deal is biggest ever
Boeing and Emirates Airlines have signed an $18 billion deal -- the largest deal in the aircraft manufacturer's history -- to supply the airline with 50 aircraft, with options to expand the deal even further.

CNBC Portfolio Challenge Bonus Bucks Answers for Monday, November 14, 2011

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What Has Warren Buffett Been Buying? 'Harold'

Canada Will Sell Oil To China If US Keeps Delaying The Pipeline
With plans for the Keystone XL oil pipeline on the rocks, and China looking to diversify its energy supplier portfolio, this might be the perfect opportunity for Canada to get its foot in the door of the Chinese energy market.

The Housing Muddle
We Americans think of ourselves as problem-solvers, but the housing collapse has so far eluded all solutions. Perhaps 10 million homes have gone into foreclosure since 2006; millions more will follow. From their peaks during the real estate bubble, home prices are down 30 percent; new housing construction has dropped 75 percent; and existing home sales are off almost 30 percent.

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