Wednesday, November 30, 2011

@AllAmerInvest Stocks UP Size Thank You China, Obama, the Cure, Bonus Bucks Answers , More

Stocks up size, will the rally hold?

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Looks very good right now. Thank you China.

China steps on the economic accelerator
China is cutting the amount of money banks need to hold in reserve, freeing those funds to stimulate their economy.

The People's Bank of China said Wednesday it will lower its reserve requirement ratio for financial institutions by half a percentage point. It was the first such cut in the ratio since 2008, and a change in course after the ratio was raised five times this year.

The Euro Area Is Coming to an End: Peter Boone and Simon Johnson
Since the global financial crisis of 2008, investors have focused on credit risk and rewarded Germany with low interest rates for its perceived frugality. But now markets will focus on currency risk. Inflation will accelerate and the euro may break up in a way that calls into question all euro-denominated obligations. This is the beginning of the end for the euro zone.

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Progressives Disappointed with Obama
Chait admits that some “complaints [about Obama] are right,” but that isn’t why liberals are so depressed. Instead, liberals “are incapable of feeling satisfied with a Democratic president,” unlike conservatives, whose disappointment “is neither as incessant nor as pervasively depressed as the liberal variety.”

The Cure for an Uncoordinated Economy: Laurence Kotlikoff
Neither President Barack Obama nor the disloyal opposition has explained what really ails the economy. But this hasn’t stopped them from applying highly expensive and generally ineffective elixirs.

Stocks And Commodities: Strange Bedfellows
And just in case you’re wondering…even in the year 2011, when Europe has come close to imploding and the U.S. has done nothing more than crawl along as it struggles with conditions that in the past would have led to a massive drop in commodity prices (as it did in the ‘90s), many commodity indices are still showing green, and virtually every commodity index is outperforming the stock market. Moreover, the average price for commodities for the entire year will be at a record high!

The UK Facing Its Biggest Strike In Over 30 Years Today
AROUND TWO MILLION public sector workers in the United Kingdom are staging a 24-hour work stoppage today, in the biggest mass industrial action seen in the UK for over three decades.

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