Wednesday, December 14, 2011

@AllAmerInvest China Lets Housing Sink Along with Stocks, Who Wins Wind or Solar?

China Prepared to Let Housing Prices Sink in Spite of Economic Slowdown; Transition to New Regime Underway; Decoupling in Reverse

If you are looking for the reason the Shanghai stock market has been one of the weakest globally, then look no further than China Affirms Property Curbs Even With ‘Grim’ Outlook.

Many thought China would "decouple" from the global economy and the Chinese stock market would follow.

Well, I have to say the decoupling theory was correct, except in reverse. The $SSEC Shanghai stock index is down about 60 percent from the 2008 high and has shown no propensity to bounce since summer of 2009, precisely when the US recession ended.
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China Affirms Property Curbs Amid ‘Grim’ Outlook
China’s leaders affirmed they will stick next year with a campaign to bring down property prices even as a “very grim” global outlook threatens growth in the second-largest economy.

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Who Wins In The Contest Between Wind And Solar?

For me, the most delightful turn of events in the ultimate nerd-song “Particle Man” by They Might Be Giants, is that after introducing (in order of complexity) particle-man, triangle-man, universe-man, and person-man—and learning that triangle-man naturally beats particle-man in a match up—we pit person-man against triangle-man to discover that triangle wins—again. In this post, we’ll pit solar against wind and see who wins.

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