Tuesday, December 13, 2011

@AllAmerInvest Neuroeconomics Revolution, Credit Derivative End Users, Social Activists Go Digital, Meat that Glows in the Dark

The Neuroeconomics Revolution

Economics is at the start of a revolution that is traceable to an unexpected source: medical schools and their research facilities. Neuroscience – the science of how the brain, that physical organ inside one’s head, really works – is beginning to change the way we think about how people make decisions.

These findings will inevitably change the way we think about how economies function. In short, we are at the dawn of “neuroeconomics.” -- Robert Shiller
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Meet the credit derivative “end-users”
It’s a well understood fact that credit derivatives markets are primarily dealer-to-dealer. We do, however, hear that there are clients, or “end-users”, hiding somewhere. The Bank of International Settlements’ Quarterly Review, out on Monday, invites us to take a closer look.

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How Social Activists are Transforming Digital Technologies
Ironically, the Occupy movement is not only benefiting from digital tools, but also adding to and transforming the landscape of new media available to today’s advocates. Instead of asking how digital technologies are transforming advocacy, is it more appropriate to ask how contemporary advocacy is transforming digital technologies?

Chinese Butcher Sells Meat That Inexplicably Glows In The Dark

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