Monday, December 12, 2011

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Stock futures slip on euro zone deal doubts

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Euro zone fiscal pact fails to restore confidence
The euro fell, stocks slid and borrowing costs for Italy and Spain rose as investors weighed the outcome of last week's summit that split the European Union, with Britain blocking treaty change and forcing euro zone countries to negotiate a fiscal accord outside the Union.

Euro Falls After Moody’s Says Summit Offered Few New Measures
The euro fell the most in two weeks versus the dollar as Moody’s Investors Service said it will review the ratings of European Union nations after last week’s summit failed to produce decisive steps to end the debt crisis.

China's Skill in Stealing America's Secrets
IN 1995, a middle-aged Chinese man walked into a C.I.A. station in Southeast Asia and offered up a trove of secret Chinese documents. Among them was a file containing the top-secret design of the American W-88 nuclear warhead that sits atop the missiles carried by Trident submarines.

El-Erian: Neither a Quick Nor Comprehensive European Fix

You Can't Print More Gold
What do you get when you mix negative real interest rates with stimulative money supply efforts by global central banks? An exceptionally potent formula for higher gold prices that could send gold to the unimaginable level of $10,000 an ounce. Negative real interest rates and strong money supply growth are two key factors of what I refer to as the Fear Trade.

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