Tuesday, December 06, 2011

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Bloomberg reports that all 17 eurozone countries will be put on downgrade watch today.

S&P will allegedly release a statement on the move after the New York closing bell at 4 PM ET

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It's Time To Start Freaking Out About Oil Prices

But the economy is not running at a healthy rate right now, at least not in Europe and the United States. And oil prices are already over $100 a barrel. So we hate to think what will happen if and when we finally do see a vigorous economic recovery.

The Complete Collection of Really Weird Herman Cain Election Ads

This Is How The Euro Crisis Will End
ECB support will not be open-ended, nor unconditional. Its willingness to act as lender of last resort to sovereigns will be revealed one intervention at a time, over a period of months – possibly years. The Summit deal will not by itself resolve the euro area's current fiscal issues, or eliminate the risk of future crises. Nor will it restart growth in the euro area. It should allay concerns about disorderly sovereign defaults by Italy or Spain and about euro area break-up.

Green Bay Packers’ Shares Now Up for Sale
Who would have ever thought a regular guy, not a wealthy businessman, could say they are owners of a professional sports team? The Green Bay Packers are making that dream available for the first time in 14 years on December 6, 201

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