Tuesday, January 10, 2012

@AllAmerInvest, Obama’s Revolution, Voice Operated Smart TVs, Consumer Electronics Show, Stocks Up Size

Obama’s revolution in American strategy

While the media has focused on the Republican presidential primaries, offstage the greatest revolution in American foreign policy in a generation has occurred, with little discussion or debate surrounding its announcement last week by President Obama.
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Voice-Operated Smart TVs May Spur Tech Profits
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas opening today, LG and Lenovo will show TVs that allow users to search for shows and Web applications with natural-sounding voice commands. Samsung introduced three high-end models with so- called Smart Interaction technology, which builds in motion- sensing and voice-command software similar to Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360 video-game console.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas opening today.

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Stocks Up Size in Early Morning Trading

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