Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Morning Chartology + Subscriber Alert

The Market

Monday Morning Chartology

The S&P continues to advance but has yet to challenge 1372.

GLD has broken above its recently re-set trading range. It is now back in a short term up trend.

While the VIX remains in a down trend, it once again held above the intermediate term support level.


From David Rosenberg: Six pins that could pop this bubble (medium):

Subscriber Alert

The stock price of Fastenal (FAST-$52) has traded above the lower boundary of its Sell Half Range. Accordingly, the Aggressive Growth Portfolio is Selling one half of its FAST position.

The Dividend Growth and High Yield Portfolios a Selling another portion of their Federated Investors (FII-$20) position.

All Portfolios will Add to the GLD holding.


This Week’s Data


Why we can’t believe the Fed (medium):

Lessons from the Laffer curve (short):

Global trade and production continue to rise (short):

The fallacy of the ‘liquidity’ argument (medium):



More on your government at work (medium):

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