Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Morning Call -- The Greeks get their deal, maybe

The Market

Tuesday Morning Chartology

The momentum is there; given the DJIA performance on Friday, a challenge of 1372 is surely coming.

GLD has re-set to a trading range with a fairly weak support level.

VIX is bouncing around a lot. It is still in a downtrend; the question is will 15.5 hold as a lower boundary.

The current rally in historical perspective (short):

Update on the ‘best stock market indicator ever’:


The Greeks have their bail out, at least a proposed one. The link below gives the basic terms of the deal. Note a couple of things: (1) the IMF [read you and me] will contribute, (2) the ECB will have ‘boots on the ground’ in Athens to insure compliance with the terms [think about that one in terms of national sovereignty], (3) the private investors [i.e. the ones who take the losses] haven’t voted on this yet, (4) nor has the German parliament.

Here is the reaction from der Spiegel:

The good news is that if accepted by all parties, this will keep our ‘muddle through’ scenario in tact a while longer; the bad news is when it becomes obvious that this solution won’t work, the odds of continuing to ‘muddle through’ have gone down.

News on Stocks in Our Portfolios

More earnings per share reports:

Reported Expected

Medtronics $.84 $.84
Home Depot .50 .43


This Week’s Data


Update on inflation (medium):



Your government at work (short):

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