Monday, February 13, 2012

The Morning Call-Those pesky Greeks; they are already plannig to renegotiate the deal

The Market

Monday Morning Chartology

Friday’s decline is barely noticeable on this chart.

GLD broke through the lower boundary of its short term up trend but held at initial support. If there is follow through this week, I will have to re-consider our current strategy.

VIX spiked big on Friday. It looks as though the former low (circa 15.5) remains solid support. It also clearly busted through the very short term down trend. Let’s see if it is confirmed and how the VIX handles the short term down trend.

Short interest near lows (short):

What happens when a period of low volatility ends (short):



The Greek parliament passed the austerity measures necessary to get their bailout money. I raised the issue in a prior post of whether the Greek’s will actually meet the terms of the austerity for money deal. Here is the answer:

Update on this earnings season’s ‘beat’ rate:


This Week’s Data


A look at the consumer and why spending will likely continue to grow at below average secular pace (medium):

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