Thursday, February 02, 2012

Morning Journal-Alook inside the CBO


This Week’s Data

The January Institute for Supply Management manufacturing index was reported at 54.1 versus expectations of 54.5 and December’s reading of 53.9.

December construction spending rose 1.5% versus estimates of a 0.5% increase.

January auto sales were strong.

Weekly jobless claims declined 10,000 versus forecasts of a 2,000 decrease.

Fourth quarter nonfarm productivity rose 0.7% versus expectations of up0.6%; unit labor costs increased 1.2% versus estimates of up 0.4%.


US manufacturing in 2011 (short):

A contrarian view of the potential decline in the deficit/GDP ratio (medium):

Rumors are that most of the MF Global money has been traced down. I can’t wait to see where it landed (short):



A look inside the congressional budget office (medium):

US government debt continues to spike (medium):

News on Stocks in Our Portfolios

More earnings per share reports:

Reported Expected

Franklin Resources $2.20 $2.09
Qualcomm .97 .90
CME Group 3.55 3.72
Marathon Oil .78 .85

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