Thursday, February 23, 2012

Morning Journal-If the economy is growing, why so many so dependent

This Week’s Data

Weekly mortgage applications fell 4.5% while purchase applications dropped 2.9%.

The International Council of Shopping Centers reported weekly sales of major retailers rose 3.0% versus the prior week and 3.2% versus the comparable period a year ago; Redbook Research reported month to date retail chain store sales up 1.4% versus the similar timeframe last month and 2.9% on a year over year basis.

January existing home sales declined less than 0.1% versus expectations of an increase of less than 0.1% (net after a big downward revision of December’s number).

However, the inventory of unsold homes is shrinking:

But that may not mean that things are getting better:

Weekly jobless claims came in better than expected again, rising 3,000 instead forecasts of up 7,000.


If the economy is growing, how come so many Americans are on entitlements (medium):

Scott Gannis ‘charts’ the recovery (medium):

China cuts reserve requirements (medium):



The hypocrisy of Obama’s policy on separation of church and state (medium):

Too big to jail, the injustice in the settlement of the ‘robosigning’ complaint (medium):

News on Stocks in Our Portfolios

More earnings per share reports:

Reported Expected

Hormel $.48 $.48

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