Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Morning Journal - When no one wants USA debt

This Week’s Data

Overnight European PMI was reported at a contractionary 49.7 versus expectations of 50.5 while Chinese PMI improved a bit from 48.8 to 49.7--which unfortunately still indicates negative growth.


Update on the MIT inflation index (short):

Federal debt burden by president (short):

Good news from the Chicago Fed (short):

US debt to GDP passes 101% (short):

Thoughts on policy alternatives when the Markets will no longer freely buy US debt (medium and today’s must read):

On money supply and inflation (another great article):



A look at all the candidates’ tax plans (medium):

Lest we forget, here are the tax increases that will occur 1/1/13 if nothing happens between now and then (short; you probably want to look at this too):

International War Against Radical Islam

Meanwhile, Iran ramps up tensions another notch (medium):

News on Stocks in Our Portfolios

More earnings per share reports:

Reported Expected

Expeditors Int’l $.43 $.46
Donald son .70 .71
Genuine Parts .86 .83

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