Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Y Combinator Replaces The Traditional Corporation

All American Investor

"You know what’s great about the YC network? It gives the benefit of being part of a large company without being part of a big company," Graham says. "The problem with doing a startup--even though it’s better in almost every other respect--is that you don’t have the resources of a big company to draw on. It’s very lonely; you have no one to give you advice or help you out. In a big company, you might be horribly constrained, but there are like 1,000 other people you can go to to deal with any number of problems. Now [with YC] you have 1,000 people you can go to to deal with problems, and you don’t have all the restrictions of a big company."

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Original content Bob DeMarco, All American Investor