Monday, March 05, 2012

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The Market

Monday Morning Chartology

Last Thursday performance notwithstanding, the S&P closed below the 1372 resistance level on Friday. So at this point under our time and distance discipline, the S&P remains in a trading range.

After a rough week, GLD still managed to close on initial support below the lower boundary of the short term up trend.

The VIX remains in a short term down trend but above the lower boundary of its intermediated term trading range.

Update on the ‘best stock market indicator ever’:


The latest from Doug Kass (long):

Dr Strangelove, an investing guide for the next decade (medium):

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The stock price of TC Pipeline Ptrs has traded below the upper boundary of its Buy Value Range. Accordingly, it is being Added to the High Yield Buy List. The High Yield Portfolio will not make a purchase at this time.


This Week’s Data


Who has the most exposure to the higher oil prices? One guess. Hint: it starts with US (medium):



Obama’s energy policy (medium):

International War Against Radical Islam

Saudi Arabia and 9/11 (medium):