Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Morning Journal-New book on Kennedy assassination


This Week’s Data

February housing starts declined slightly versus expectations of a 1.5% increase; however, building permits rose 5.1% versus estimates of up 2.6%.


What the US economy faces on 1/1/2013 (medium):

The Chicago Fed manufacturing survey shows Midwest growing (short):

A back of the envelope analysis of the math of bankrupt Europe (medium):

A different take on last week’s Fed stress test (medium):



I was a junior in college when Kennedy was assassinated. I was taking a government seminar at the time; and when we convened at 2:00pm that that, the professor running the seminar (and who was also head of government studies in arts and sciences school) theorized that it was the mafia who were responsible. I became enthralled with all the conspiracy theories and read quite a bit. The culprits came down to three: the mafia, the CIA and Castro or some combination of the three--they all had major axes to grind with Kennedy. In any case, there is a new book coming out on the potential involvement of Castro. Here is a discussion of that book (medium):

The GOP releases its 2013 budget proposal today. Here is an advance look (medium):

International War Against Radical Islam

Get out of Afghanistan (long):

Possible new developments in Syria (medium):

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