Friday, April 27, 2012

Morning Journal-Austerity is not a 4 letter word

This Week’s Data

March pending home sales rose 4.1% versus expectations of a 1.0% increase.

The second revision of first quarter GDP came in +2.2% versus estimates of +2.5%’ the GDP deflator was +1.5% versus forecasts of +2.0%


Are the numbers shifting from painting an accelerating economy to a decelerating one? (short):

Uh Oh, those evil speculators are at it again (short):

Truck tonnage continues to improve (short):

While rail traffic remains mixed (short):

Tax collections are rising (short):



When did austerity become a four letter word (medium):

The problem with social security (medium):


Grading the effectiveness of the recent EU funding facility (medium):

News on Stocks in Our Portfolios

More quarterly earnings per share reports:

Reported Expected

ExxonMobil $2.00 $2.09
United Parcel Svc 1.00 1.02
Reliance Steel 1.54 1.50
NuSkin Enterprises .74 .70
Leggett & Platt .30 .33
VF Corp 1.94 1.87

Johnson & Johnson raised its quarterly dividend per share from $.57 to $.61

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