Friday, April 20, 2012

Morning Journal-Thoughts on the Constitution


This Week’s Data

March existing home sales fell 2.3% versus expectations of a slight increase.

The April Philadelphia Fed’s manufacturing index came in at 8.5 versus estimates of 11.7 and March’s reading of 12.5.

The March leading economic indicators was up 0.3% versus forecasts of up 0.2%.


Ann Coulter on the right to bear arms (medium):

George Will on the Constitution (medium):

Friday morning humor (4 minute video):


Suez traffic and world GDP (short):

Leon Panetta on North Korea (one minute video):

Thoughts on Investing--New Rules of Money, courtesy of Forbes

#12 Know Your Sell Rules Before You Buy

Most investment advice is geared toward helping you figure out what and when to buy. Perhaps even more important, given the prevailing uncertainty, is knowing when to sell. Charles Rotbult, editor of American Association of Individual Investors Journal advises you to outline the specific conditions under which you would sell a stock before you buy it. That beats either selling in a panic or sitting on your losses too long.

News on Stocks in Our Portfolios

More quarterly earnings per share reports:

Reported Expected

Sonoco $.52 $.48
Rockwell Collins 1.09 1.09
Genuine Parts .93 .87
Sherwin Williams .95 .94
Microsoft .60 .57
Kimberly Clark 1.24 1.17
Schlumberger .98 .98
Nucor .46 .40
McDonald’s 1.23 1.23

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