Friday, April 13, 2012

Morning Journal


This Week’s Data

The March consumer price index came in up 0.3% versus expectations of up 0.2%; core CPI rose 0.2%, in line with estimates.

Thoughts on Investing--New Rules of Money

#10 Mine Your Networks for Ideas

The best hedge fund managers collaborate on stock ideas and research all the time. The Web and mobile connectivity afford individual investors the same opportunities. Tap into expert networks ranging from LinkedIn to Web communities like Value Investors Club with its in depth research reports and to, a message board featuring mostly yield and commodity oriented investors.

Steve Cook received his education in investments from Harvard, where he earned an MBA, New York University, where he did post graduate work in economics and financial analysis and the CFA Institute, where he earned the Chartered Financial Analysts designation in 1973. His 40 years of investment experience includes institutional portfolio management at Scudder, Stevens and Clark and Bear Stearns. Steve's goal at Strategic Stock Investments is to help other investors build wealth and benefit from the investing lessons he learned the hard way.