Friday, May 25, 2012

Subscriber Alert-Averaging down


Checking the cash levels in our Portfolios, they have grown as a percentage of the total value as the total value as declined in recent weeks. I don’t really want a larger cash position, so our Portfolios are going to nibble in order to bring the percentages back to those levels reflected in our Closing Bell (Dividend Growth 31%, High Yield 34%, Aggressive Growth 35%). Our purchase candidates include both stocks on our Buy Lists and those in which we had earlier made trading sales at prices higher than those at present.

In the Dividend Growth Portfolio: Tiffany, Paychex, Occidental Petroleum.

In the High Yield Portfolio: Caterpillar, NuSkin Enterprises, Amerigas, Western Gas Ptrs.

In Aggressive Growth Portfolio: Fastenal, Quality Systems, Oracle, Tim Horton.