Monday, August 27, 2012

The Morning Call--Monday Morning Chartology + Clarity on Merkel

The Market

Monday Morning Chartology

The S&P is solidly within a very short term uptrend (black line) and after Friday’s strong up day, looks poised to challenge 1422 again.

Last week, GLD busted through (1) the level of the last lower high [orange line], (2) the short term downtrend [brown line] and (3) its 200 day moving average [wiggly red line]. All in all, a pretty impressive surge; and the reason our Portfolios Added to their GLD positions.

As you can see, I have resolved my frustration with the VIX technical performance by adjusting downward the lower boundary of the VIX intermediate term trading range (purple line). It still working on that head and shoulders formation, but can’t bring it to fruition.

Election year volatility (short):


Great article on the market’s ‘discounting mechanism’ (medium):

Cash is king (short):

Getting clarity on Merkel (medium):

The ECRI index rose again last week (short):

***over the weekend, China reported lower corporate profits for the fourth month in a row

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