Monday, September 17, 2012

The Morning Call-Can you say 'insanity?'

I don’t have to tell you that it was all wine and roses last week.

The Market
Monday Morning Chartology

 The S&P is now in a short term uptrend (1397-1474) and an intermediate term uptrend (1303-1863). The next visible resistance level, other than the upper boundaries of the two uptrends, is 1576.

And this S&P chart showing periods of prior Fed easing:

GLD remains in a short term uptrend and an intermediate term trading range.

The VIX continues its decent in both a short term and very short term downtrend---which bodes well for stocks. It is close to challenging the lower boundary of its intermediate term trading range.

Update on ‘the best stock market indicator ever’:


Investors got all they wanted last week: (1) German court supported the EU bail out [sort of], and (2) the Ber-nank cast his vote for President, kicking in the after burners on the printing presses. My only comment is one that you have heard before: it has already been established beyond a shadow of a doubt that throwing money at our and the EU problem has solved nothing; so why do we keep doing the same thing expecting a different result?

Meanwhile the bleeding hasn’t stopped in Spain (medium):

And (medium):

ECRI founder says we are now in a recession (medium):

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