Thursday, August 01, 2013

Favorability of Leading GOP Figures

Among seven prominent Republicans tested, all of whom garner more favorable than unfavorable ratings, Paul Ryan enjoys the most positive image. 

Nearly two-thirds (65%) Republican and Republican-leaning voters view the former vice-presidential candidate favorably while just 15% have an unfavorable view. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio also are popular; about half have favorable impressions of each, while only about two-in-ten have unfavorable impressions.

About half (47%) of Republican voters also rate Chris Christie positively, yet unfavorable opinions of the New Jersey governor (at 30%) are higher than for Ryan, Paul or Rubio. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, while not very well known among GOP voters, is rated positively (33% favorable, 13% unfavorable).

Ryan Has Broad Appeal, Christie Viewed More Unfavorably by Tea Party Republicans

No Clear Republican Party Leader

Ryan, Paul and Cruz are viewed more positively by Tea Party Republicans than among others in the party. By contrast, Christie’s unfavorableNo Clear Republican Party Leader rating among Tea Party Republicans (35%) is the highest of any Republican tested.

While there is no consensus on who is the leader of the Republican Party currently (this is common for the party not holding the presidency), many of these figures elicited mentions from respondents, with House Speaker John Boehner leading the list (named by 10% of respondents).

Boehner is viewed favorably by 44% of GOP voters, and unfavorably by nearly three-in-ten (29%). Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell remains comparatively less well known (40% don’t provide an opinion), with 36% rating McConnell favorably while 24% rate him unfavorably.

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Ryan Has Broad Appeal, Christie Viewed More Unfavorably by Tea Party Republicans

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