Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Chinese Drywall Making People and Homes Sick--Mold?

The building industry is being hit by a bevy of lawsuits over drywall, manufactured in China, that appears to be emitting nasty smelling, corrosive gases into people’s homes.

In Florida's builders are facing a new problem--the Chinese-made drywall they used in new construction is causing unpleasant odors and possibly leading to electric problems.
Homeowners in Lennar's Woodfield development in Port St. Lucie have received letters stating that they can temporarily move out of their homes while Lennar guts the walls and installs new drywall for free.
Real estate agent Felix Martinez thought he'd found his dream house when he bought the 3,500-square-foot beauty in Homestead, Fla., two years ago.

Then, he says, his large-screen TV mysteriously failed. Next, the air conditioner went. His bath towels smelled like rotten eggs. Visitors noted an odor in the house. Martinez says he's suffered new sinus problems and sleep apnea. His wife and son sneeze a lot.

The walls in the home, a recently filed class-action lawsuit alleges, were built with the same kind of Chinese-made drywall that tests have shown emit sulfur gases that corrode copper coils and electrical and plumbing components.
The problem has now spread to Louisiana.

Note to investors. This story is likely to get more traction and is likely to impact the bottom line at any home builder that used Chinese dry wall. The attorney's are out in force here in Florida and this is a trend that is just picking up momentum.

Note to home buyers. Do your due diligence before purchasing a home.

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