Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cold Fusion and Palladium (Chart)

Every decade or so the topic of cold fusion comes up. When it does you sometimes see Palladium, the commodity, soar. Will 60 Minutes trigger a new bull market in Palladium?

You can trade Palladium futures at the NYMEX.

Cold Fusion and Palladium Chart
Palladium, Cash, Monthly Bar Chart, Ten Years

You'll notice that Palladium (cash market)
  • Soared up to 1100 during January, 2001.
  • After trading below 200 several times during the 2003-2005 period
  • Palladium soared to 585 during March 2008.
  • It is once again languishing down near 200.
  • Although. it has recently moved up sharply to the 249 area.
  • Perhaps this was in anticipation of the 60 Minutes report on Palladium which aired this evening.

60 Minutes Cold Fusion (Video and Text)

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