Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Panning for Gold in California Makes a Come Back --No Kidding

Panning for gold in the Mojave desert? I am not kidding.

Maureen Dowd has an interesting Op-Ed piece over on the New York Times --

Striking It Poor.

News reports are heralding a neo-Gold Rush from Modesto to the Mojave Desert, a revival in prospectors at California’s streambeds, spurred by the sputtering national economy, the state’s 10.5 percent unemployment rate leaving many with free time and the weighty price of gold.
As we walked into Brent Shock’s gold prospecting shop on Main Street here, we heard someone singing that old Burl Ives staple “Jimmy crack corn, and I don’t care.” We paid $200 for our two-hour “sluice and pan,” and headed down to Shock’s resurrected mining camp at Woods Creek, where about 15 people, including some families, were out digging in waders.
One prospector from the East Coast boasted to NBC of finding $10,000 in gold in one day.
Whatz next? Family picnics and madras bermuda shorts?

I did get a kick out of reading the article. Go read it.

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