Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Google’s New Droid X and the Winner Is?

Good versus evil?

BS Top - Kneale Android

Google’s new Droid X won’t be released for two weeks, but Dennis Kneale, who snagged a preview, reports that more than just a better smartphone, it’s the key to ending Apple’s dominance.
Yet Apple’s legions of devotees should brace their hipster selves for an inevitable fall from grace. In addition to the iPhone 4, I’ve also been playing with Verizon and Motorola’s new Droid X, which won’t be released until July 15, and I have a bold prediction: One year from now, the iPhone will lose its perch as the world’s most important mobile platform, toppled by Android, the “open,” all-comers-welcome design from Apple’s avowed enemy, Google.
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