Friday, September 30, 2011

@AllAmerInvest S&P Down 65%, Morgan Stanley Risk, IBM, Keynes , Al Qaeda

ALBERT EDWARDS: Everyone Is Still Way Too Optimistic, And The S&P Is Going To Lose 65%

Morgan Stanley (MS) Seen as Risky as Italian Banks

Morgan Stanley (MS), which owns the world’s largest retail brokerage, is being priced in the credit- default swaps market as less creditworthy than most U.S., U.K. and French banks and as risky as Italy’s biggest lenders.

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IBM (IBM) Has Also Blown Past Microsoft, Becoming The Second-Most Valuable Tech Company In The World

CNBC Bonus Bucks Answers for , Friday, September 30, 2011

Regulators Let Banks Change The Terms Of Bailouts To Avoid Executive Pay Restrictions

Actually, Keynes Didn't Say "When The Facts Change, I Change My Mind"

Top Al Qaeda Figure Killed

Weekly Charts Suggest More Selling (Maybe)


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