Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morning Journal, A lesson on private equity investment

This Week’s Data

The Fed released its most recent Beige Book. The tone of this latest report was noticeably more upbeat than its recent additions with positive narratives on the consumer, autos and manufacturing. Housing, it notes, is still sluggish; but inflationary pressures remain under control.

Weekly jobless claims rose 27,000 versus expectations of an increase of 3,000.

December retail sales advanced 0.1% versus estimates of up 0.2%; ex autos, sales fell 0.2% versus forecasts of up 0.2%.


The problem with disposable personal income (hint: it is too low):

A great discussion by Gary Kaminski on private equity and how the model works (4 minute video):

The latest Pulse of Commerce Index (short):



Victor Davis Hanson on Obama’s vision (medium/long):


More analysis of the developing Iranian confrontation (medium):

EU pension liabilities are more than $39 trillion (medium):

Some thoughts on the eventual outcome of a Greek debt restructuring (medium):

Rough outlook for China (medium):

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