Monday, May 21, 2012

The Morning Call + Subscriber Alert + A classic Dow Sell signal

The Market

Monday Morning Chartology

As you can see, the S&P is approaching a range with multiple support levels. With this kind of congestion, I expect a slow down in the rate of decline and, hopefully, the establishment of a new lower boundary of its short term trading range.

GLD makes a great rebound. Notice the similarity to the late December/early January sell off and bounce.

The VIX soared again on Friday. While it has not quite met the time element of our time and distance discipline, it has more than satisfied the distance element, thus confirming the break above the upper boundary of its short term trading range. This is not a positive for stocks.

We now have a classic Dow sell signal (short):


The latest from David Rosenberg (medium):

Subscriber Alert

The following stocks have traded below the upper boundary of their Buy Value Range and are, therefore, being Added to their respective Buy Lists. Our Portfolios own shares in all these stocks. None will be Bought today.

In the Dividend Growth Portfolio: United Parcel Services (UPS-$74)

In the High Yield Portfolio: United Parcel Services (UPS-$74) Kinder Morgan Energy Ptrs (KMP-$77)

In the Aggressive Growth Portfolio: Blackrock (BLK-$172), Staples (SPLS-$13)


This Week’s Data


US manufacturing continues to improve (short):

US debt and economic growth (5 minute video):

Is the Fed already in the midst of Twist 2 (medium):



Missile defense for wimps (medium):

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