Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is the Barrons Cover the Kiss of Death for Jeff Bezos and Amazon (AMZN)?

Wow. Last night, just after midnight I wrote about Amazon (AMZN)--Amazon . Toast up 5000 percent since IPO (Chart).

Next thing I know, an article from Barron's pops into my reader--The World's Best Retailer. Ironic? Well, yeah.

Here is a note of caution. Jeff Bezos is on the cover of Barron's this week. Why is this important?

If you read my article, Amazon . Toast, all the way to the end you would have noticed that Jeff Bezos was named Time's person of the year in 1999. What happened next? The stock dropped from a split adjusted $113 a share, all the way down to $5.67. Yikes.

Is the Barron's cover the kiss of death for Jeff Bezos and Amazon?
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Jeff Bezos' is winning customers with competitive prices, wide selection, reliability -- and Kindle. It's winning shareholders, too.

The World's Best Retailer --Barron's

THIS MAY BE AN OPPORTUNE time to add shares of to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
Now, Amazon is taking that a step further by providing Web services, better known these days as "cloud computing." What is cloud computing? It is the outsourcing of information-technology and data-center operations to third parties, mostly by small- and medium-sized companies that choose not to spend their resources to deal with these tasks themselves. (The name cloud derives from the remote ether-like computer space where the outsourced operations take place.) Amazon, which has spent more than $2 billion on its systems in the last decade, has divided these services into several parts, including: Amazon Simple DB (databases), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (computing capacity) and Amazon Simple Storage (data storage).

Price believes these services could eventually generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually -- and investors are getting them for almost nothing.
The second kicker is Kindle, a digital-reading device. Its original version was generally well received, but its recently released 2.0 edition has become a hit with consumers. Wall Street analysts estimate the company has sold 350,000 of the devices, which got a plug from Oprah Winfrey last fall.
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