Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bear Markets Revisited 1929-1933

This is a update of an article I put up on March 18. Since then, the current bear market rally that started on March 9, around 676 area has extended itself to about 20 percent. In the chart below you will notice that bear market rallies averaged 30 percent from 1929-1933. The bear market rallies averaged about two months in duration. It is always interesting and educational to study the past. A friend of mine pointed out that the market dropped like a lead brick many times during that period, and that the low made in 1929 was not the low of the bear market.

File this under food for thought, and looking beyond the obvious.

The following lists the bear market rallies, and the duration, from 1929-1933.

The following list the bear market rallies, and the duration, from 2007- to the present.

Good information and perspective that I picked up over on FT Alphaville.
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