Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Why Millions of Americans Wish They Worked for Uncle Sam

  • The number of civilian unemployed was reported as 7,651,000 in the report issued for June, 2005.
  • The same report for June, 2010 reported 14,623,000 as unemployed. 
  • About 7,000,000 additional Americans lost their job during this period
  • The number of persons employed by The Government in June, 2005 was 21,763,000. 
  •  The June, 2010 report showed that the Government was employing 22,770,000. 
  • The number employed by the Government during this period actually rose by a million.

I think that is safe to assume that only a tiny fraction of Government employees lost their job, and net net there are a million more individuals employed by Government

The following graph shows the trend of employment for all Government employees.

This is the same graph with a ten year view.

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This is a graph of the number of unemployed Americans in Millions.

Same graph five year view.

The number of civilians unemployed June, 2005 was 7,651,000. June, 2010 reported as 14,623,000. Up about 7,000 million.

The number of persons employed by Government in June, 2005 was 21,763,000. June, 2010 reported as 22,770,000. Up about a million.

U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics, St Louis Fed

Original content Bob DeMarco, All American Investor