Monday, August 23, 2010

S and P Chart 823

The S&P made a lower high last week giving us a point against which to plot a short term down trend (purple line). That marks 1097 as resistance and 1009/1042 as support.
By Steve Cook
All American Investor

I still want prices in the lower quadrant of the current trading range (1009-1044) before committing funds.

Note that holding 1042 would meet that criterion.

Also note that historically stocks perform their worst in September which is clearly upon us. So I am in no hurry to rush to stocks.

As an aside, the latest check of our internal indicator: out of 157 stocks, 57 remain in an up trend off their June 2010 low.

93 have broken that up trend and 7 are too close to call.

That is actually a more positive read than I would have expected and hopefully suggests that the 1009 level will hold a support.

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