Monday, January 16, 2012

@AllAmerInvest China Reserves, Facebook Ad Revenue, Low Volatility, Euro Currency Crumble, Natural Gas Price Plunge

China’s foreign reserves not so hot
After the first fall in China’s foreign reserves in 14 years raised fears of capital flight, this week investors will be watching for a policy response from Beijing.
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Here's Facebook's Q4 Ad Performance In A Set Of Delightful Charts

Euro Leaders Race to Salvage Rescue Plans
European leaders will this week try to rescue under-fire efforts to deliver new fiscal rules and cut Greece’s debt burden as investors ignore Standard & Poor’s euro- region downgrades.

Wall Street Strategists Are Freaking Out About Low Volatility
"It's a little too calm," says the usually unflappable Jim Paulsen of Wells Fargo Management, a bullish stock strategist not easily spooked. "Maybe we're setting up for a break."

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Natural Gas Price Plunge Aids Families, Businesses
The country is flush with natural gas as a result of new drilling techniques that have enabled energy companies to tap vast supplies that were out of reach not so long ago. The country's natural gas surplus has been growing even as the country burns record amounts.

Why Does America Dislike Europe?
“He wants us to turn into a European-style welfare state,” warned Mitt Romney. Countless versions of that horrific vision creep into Romney’s speeches, suggesting that it would “poison the very spirit of America.”

Euro currency crumbling? (Video)

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