Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morning Journal-Bernanke's mistakes

This Week’s Data

July industrial production was reported at +0.6% versus expectations of +0.5%; capacity utilization came in at 79.4% versus estimates of 79.2%.

Weekly jobless claims rose 5,000 versus forecasts of up 1,000.

July housing starts fell 1.8% versus expectations of a 1.3% drop; however, building permits soared 7.5% versus estimates of a 1.5% increase.


(One of) Bernanke’s errors (medium):

Another---this is a little ‘in the weeds’ but the bottom line is that ‘shadow bank’ liabilities are falling faster than bank liabilities are rising, hence QE’s accomplish nothing (medium):

A question for bank regulators (medium):

Comparing debt levels of EU versus the US (short and must read):

Two measures of inflation (short/medium):



More on Muslims in government (medium):

Dems ask debate commission to disallow questions on Simpson Bowles (short):

Eric Holder and voter ID’s (medium):

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