Monday, March 02, 2009

Is 600 the Bottom in the S and P 500?

Do we have a tech "guru" in the house. How about a Gann expert?

I didn't actually hear this first hand, I read it on the Internet.

A technician at Credit Suisse is forecasting a market bottom for the S and P 500 with a target price of 600-605.

I took a look at the market and I can see where he is getting this. Back in 1995 after breaking above the 600 level for the first time,  the S and P 500 went back and forth against that level for about a year and a half.  Looking at the chart, 650 also looks like a formidable area. We could hit either or both of these areas this week.

I can't find my tech "guru" but 603 also looks like a Fibonacci number and a possible reversal point.

Do we have a tech "guru" in the house? How about a Gann expert?

What do you think?

I picked up this thread on Across the Curve.

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Chart for S&P 500

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