Thursday, April 23, 2009

China Buying Copper (+ Chart)

China is on a buying spree in copper. China State Reserves Bureau bought up 329,000 tonnes of copper in February and 375,000 tonnes in March. This explains in part the 70% surge in copper prices since the lows were made in December.

There is saying in copper -- buy on Thanksgiving, sell on Easter. Worked pretty good this year. Although, it was a little hair raising from Thanksgiving to the December low.

China has also been a big buyer of metals like aluminum, nickel, zinc, and tin.

Copper 423

Chart Notes:

  • Copper was overbought at the rally highs.
  • Copper traded above the red line (two standard deviations above the mean) and was due for a correction.
  • The market is currently testing the green line and 2.00.
  • The trend is up and the short, intermediate, and long term averages are all pointing up.
  • First support is around 2.00 and major support is in a band from 1.80 to 1.90.
  • Resistance is at the current highs around 2.23.
  • Technicals point to higher prices.
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