Wednesday, April 01, 2009

S & P 500 Stress Test for the Bears

S and P 500, Chart, Daily, Midday.

S & P 500 Stress Test

  • It is early in the day but the market made a new low, below yesterday's low, reversed, and is now clawing its way back over 800. A positive short term development.
  • The chart gap is still in play. The S & P needs to trade to 813.43 to fill the gap. This area should be watched closely.
  • Trading is slow so far. However, it the market closes above that gap the bears will be forced to run for cover.
  • A close above yesterday's high of 810.48 would give us an outside up day. That would be very bullish. It would also give us another hook up in the chart.
  • We need to watch closely to be sure support is building below the market. A pattern of higher highs and higher lows is what we are looking for to remain bullish.
In spite of all the bear chatter and shorting in the market, the S and P is only 30 points from the high for this move--made last week. A move above yesterday's high will put extreme pressure on the bears.

Looks like a bear stress test to me so far.
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