Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They called me crazy, S and P 900-1000

On Sunday, I wrote an article on this blog entitled, Stocks Don't Fight the Tape.

In the article I wrote the following,
My guess is that we are going to have one monster rally shortly. I could envision the market on the S and P 500 soaring up to 900 or 1000. That would qualify as one heck of a rally.
When I wrote that article the S and P 500 was at 768.54.

On the open yesterday, I pointed out that the S and P 500 chart indicated the market was overbought. The S and P was hitting its red line (two standard deviations above the mean). The statistical odds always favor a pullback when that happens. The other point I was making, was that, the market now has some good technical resilience. This is a necessary component before a market can get into a healthy uptrend.

Just so you won't think I am some kind of all the time bulldog, you can go read an article I wrote on this blog when I was nutsy bearish back in September--Financial Meltdown--Where there is Smoke, there is Fire. I concluded that article by saying, "cash was king". At the time, the S and P 500 was well above 1200.

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