Sunday, April 05, 2009

S & P 500 Up 24.53 Percent in 20 Days (Chart)

S and P 500 Chart
  • The S and P 500 has risen 24.53 percent in the last 20 trading days (close only).
  • The S and P closed at 842.50 on Friday.
  • There is substantial overhead resistance beginning at 850, all the way up to 875.
  • Resistance, as measured by the red line (two standard deviations, up) is around the 865 area and is flattening but still moving up.
  • Hard support is now well below the market around the 780 area. The slope of the green line (mid point of the range) continues to slope up. This is a positive.

S and P 500 Daily Chart 405
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